03 July 2011

Little by little...

Construction photos... they aren't even that many weeks old, but they have been some very busy weeks and these photos are already way out of date...

This batch did include some cute shots of the little peanut, however... so I figured I might as well post them! We'll get some up-to-date photos up soon... of our house and the almost completed office building. Tim's hoping to move into his office some time next week!

Please continue to pray for uneventful, consistent forward progress on this project... we have 50 calendar days until we are presently scheduled to leave the apartment we are currently renting. That's fewer working days...

...and now...
a few photos of our house!

The construction photos are a lot of fun- and it is an amazing process to watch, but...

she totally steals the show, at least in my book!
Isn't she sweet?

(Fwiw, in this picture she is showing you the bandaid from where she was receiving IV treatments for typhoid and malaria last month... and trying to get as much sympathy out of the whole deal as she possibly could!)

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  1. Thanks for posting these. Makes it seem like you all aren't so far away (to me anyhoo). Praying for and thinking of you often.


    PS. She is gorgeous and growing WAY to fast!


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