08 July 2011

15 days...

Andi and Elsie Mae... shortly before we returned to Niger last summer


our newly graduated-from-high-school-niece/cousin and her mama arrive.

We aren't the least bit excited...


We're overwhelming delighted!

Leandra will be spending the next year working with us in Niger ~

Her mama's just making sure she gets here safely... and visiting her big sis (i.e. me!).

Julie and dear bro-in-law, Steve
Andi graduating! Congratulations, girl!

We're tired of waiting...

Andi and J, consider yourself forewarned:
 there's gonna be a whole lot of whoopin' and hollerin' for joy when you finally get here!!!

But don't be surprised if we end up "police-escorted" out of the airport!

Thanks, Mom & Dad (for posting photos on fb... it allows me to steal 'em for posts like this one!) Great photos, by the way! But, to give credit where credit is due - all photos in this post, except for the first one, were snapped by either Dick or Carlene Stewart, on their very recent trip to California to celebrate Leandra's graduation. I'm so very jealous that I couldn't be there...

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